Gentle Acupuncture provides
the most natural and holistic health care to patients

(1) Consistently striving to treat the root causes of disorders (in the framework of TCM)
and stressing functions recovery, rather than mere symptomatic relief. This is a basic
principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), whereby a therapist enables a patient to
mobilize his / her internal healing to overcome chronic conditions and attain sustainable

(2) When you come for your acupuncture session, you may upon each occasion discuss
major conditions or concerns, as well as minor ones, with your acupuncturist, and your
acupuncturist will consider your conditions within a holistic background involving your
physical and psychological development, so as to exact the most effective acu-points in
which to insert needles.

Conditions seemingly independent of your major health concern, such as skin rashes,
poor sleep, recurring neck sore or lower back pain, an experience of a recent stressful
social event, so forth, may be deemed interconnected and related by your acupuncturist,
based upon the theory of TCM.

Acupuncture may treat such conditions holistically and effectively. This, in some cases,  
may be more convenient than a patient seeing a series of specialists separately while
consuming many medications possibly and potentially undertaking various surgeries.

(3) Offering guidance for self-care. While treating patients, we stress the prevention of
sickness, health education and life style.  

    Acupuncture                                                 what is acupuncture?
    Acupuncture Treatment in Gentle Acupuncture:

    The basic principles of treatment and its holistic nature have been summarized

    Each treatment room houses one patient during his / her session. Rooms are
    personalized for temperature, lighting and music. We have some eastern music
    CDs prepared for the session; you may also bring your own playlist if you’d like.
    Rooms are also equipped with professional exam tables/beds that expand
    choices of posture during treatment sessions, as required by specific treatments
    for specific disorders as well as simple physical comfort. Some conditions'
    treatments require patients to be needled in a face-down posture on the exam
    table, such as many back, hip or neck issues.

    We have patient gowns ready for some patients to change into, for upper back or
    hip area issues. Such patients may also chose to wear / bring their own clothes to
    ease access into areas to be treated.

    We use disposable needles and disposable exam paper on our exam tables.
    If a patient is suffering acute pain or some other urgent condition and therefore
    needs immediate relief, we may be able to arrange for such a patient to be treated
    in the same day or within the next two days.  

    Duration: durations depend on patients' conditions and / or ages. Usually the first
    visit is the longest in order to allow for a complete history taking and exam -
    typically 45 to 50 minutes. The follow up visits are 30-45 minutes for most cases.
    Please don't think the longer the better.

    for Private Session Acupuncture Treatment

    $82 standard treatment fee. $77 for each follow up treatment (discount rate).
    We offer Treatment Package Plans(discount payment packages), in discount or
    deep discount payment for follow up visits within these plans. They are ideal for:
    (1) People who need a few more visits or long-term treatment; or
    (2) People who wish to have regular health check-ups in Eastern ways and at
    same time have treatment; or
    (3) People who experience stress on a daily basis or daily job related
    conditions/chronic injuries; or
    (4) those belonging to households in which two or more family members may
    share the same package plan.

    You may call your insurer for reimbursement possibility or related policy. We don't
    bill insurance currently.

    Acupuncture combines some of below services

    The following therapies sometimes may be chosen to incorporate with
    acupuncture treatment, based on patient's condition and the discussion with our
    patient. We will charge extra fees for some of below services, such as Herbs,
    Moxibustion Leaves, Cupping and Electric acupuncture.

    Ear Dots Acupuncture (Put small ear dot patches on ear acupoints), or Ear
    Needles Acupuncture
  • Lifestyle discussion --- oriental philosophy
  • Basic Tai Ji (Tai Chi) movements


    For certain conditions, we will perform a few minutes Tuina/Acupressure if
    necessary, in acupuncture session. Gentle Acupuncture currently does not offer
    massage. You may call Patty Faubert for massage information at 603-548-5685 in
    Salem, NH.

    Tai Chi and Qigong Trainning

    Please check Tai Chi Page for details.


    A List of Disorders or Conditions

    You may get more details and updated information for the diseases or
    disorders that can be treated or affected positively with acupuncture,
    from the websites of
    WHO (World Health Organization):
    or NIH (National Institute of Health):

    The following list of conditions are those commonly treated by acupuncture
    practitioners, or the complains described when people come to see us. If you don't
    see your condition in the list, please email us your inquiry or call us to set an
    appointment for a free face to face consultation.

    Muscular Skeletal---
    Pain in back, neck, shoulder, leg, head, arm, hand or foot
    Muscles tight or stiff
    Tennis elbow
    Carpal tunnel syndrome (slight to moderate)
    Disk issues
    Fibromyalgia and fasciitis
    Periarthritis of shoulder
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Post stroke
    Bell’s palsy

    Mental / Emotional---
    Dizziness (ruled out severe diseases by medical doctors)
    Depression (including depressive neurosis and depression following stroke)
    Bipolar disorder
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

    Abdominal pain (in acute gastroenteritis or due to gastrointestinal spasm)
    Biliary colic
    Diarrhea (emotionally related)
    Flatulence (fullness feeling in abdomen)
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
    Ulcerative colitis, chronic

    Hypertension, essential

    Diabetes mellitus, non-insulin-dependent
    Menopausal symptoms

    Irregular menstruation
    Painful menstruation
    Premenstrual Syndrome
    Female urethral syndrome
    Infertility (female and/or male - natural fertility, support to IVF/IUI, miscarriage, low
    sperm count, low motility )
    Induction of labour
    Malposition of fetus, correction of
    Urinary incontinence
    Prostatitis, chronic
    Male sexual dysfunction, non-organic
    Pain or skin conditions in genitalia (man or woman, ruled out infections by
    medical doctors)

    Migraine headache
    Post stroke paralysis
    Neuralgia, post-herpetic
    Facial paralysis (Bell's Palsy)

    Allergic rhinitis (including hay fever)

    Weight and Eating disorders
    Addiction (smoking, alcohol, drugs)
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
    Pain in dentistry (including dental pain and temporomandibular dysfunction)
    Postoperative pain
    Pain due to endoscopic examination
    Acupuncture Facelift (facial rejuvenation)
    Cancer (see note below)

    Note for Patients with cancer:

    The goals of acupuncture use for patients with cancer include providing basic
    balance and support,  balancing emotional disorders and stress, reducing cancer
    pain or postoperative pain, and reducing adverse reactions to radiotherapy and/or

    We will need (1) a letter from one of your doctors that states that the acupuncture
    treatment is in conjunction with a treatment program prescribed by the doctor, or a
    letter showing the doctor's recommendation for acupuncture treatment, the patient
    also should be under that active care of a medical doctor. (2) a copy of most recent
    blood test result.

    It is not good time to come for acupuncture if the patient is extremely weak, or is
    easy to bleed for a long time after injection/injury/brush teeth, or is very prone to


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