Arthritis / Poor Sleep / Lower Energy

One of the problems with testimonials is the credibility of the testimonial, which is why I would invite anyone reading
this to contact me (Dr Feng Xiao is free to give you my phone number).

Dr Feng eliminated the pain in my knee in just a few visits and I will be forever gratefull to him for this since I have had
this pain for many years (diagnosed with arthritis). I'm back on the ski slopes now although the Dr. is probably cringing
at this!

Although his help with my knee was obvious and dramatic, he has also made progress in some other areas such as
improved sleep, lower blood pressure and increased energy and sexual strength.

Just recently the Boston Globe published a report indicating that a recent NIH study showed that acupuncture relieves
knee pain.

Americans are missing the boat here!

Bill Cassedy, Salem, N.H.

Back Pain

Dec 2015

I love Gentle Acupuncture!  I have been coming here for years to treat my back pain.  I tried physical therapy, cortisone
shots, chiropractors, massage therapy and none of them helped.  Feng and Judy are the best!  So happy I found

Wayne B (From Google Reviews)


Back Pain

Nov 1, 2018

I highly recommend this business.   Feng's demonstration of an accurate and deep understanding of my condition
and what I was experiencing upon seeking services for my back problem has been extraordinary. He exudes quiet
extraordinary confidence in his skills, and expertise in acupuncture.

Recently, I developed mobility issues, which involved extraordinary pain resulting from spinal problems. Feng listened
and ensured that he had all the information about the source of the issues and the limitations and distress I was

In just a few weeks, my condition improved from barely being able to stand; walk; open a door; or even drive myself;  to
ease in movement, without pain.  From a technical perspective, I cannot imagine someone more knowledgeable or
insightful.  On a personal level, I am humbled ad grateful for the extraordinary kindness, concern, commitment, and
professionalism, he has displayed in caring for me.

Pamela S., Salem NH (From Yelp Reviews)

Post-Stroke Conditions and Smoking

Jun 21, 2016

I had a stroke December 2014. I began acupuncture January 2015 and regained equilibrium after five sessions. After
that I could walk without a walker. My left side still was numb. I used a cane all of 2015 over the year. With each
session the numbness has resided to the bottom of my left foot and hip and palm at my hand. Previously my whole left
side was numb. Now I can walk without a cane. I am pleased with Feng’s work. I didn’t want to quit smoking at first.
For about three weeks I never need a cigarette unconsciously. Now with smoke I can feel the ill effect of the smoke. My
body rejects the ill effects.

Joel R. Duckett, Salem, NH


Spinal Fusion and Severe Leg Pain

Mar 3, 2014

Last year I ruptured a disc in my back.  The disc caused nerve damage in my left leg and did not heal correctly after the
first surgery.  Eight months after the first surgery, I had to have a spinal fusion.  After months of severe pain and not
sleeping thru the night, I decided to give acupuncture a try.  Dr. Feng Xiao came highly recommended.  Imagine my
relief when I was able to sleep thru the night after the first treatment!  Two months later I am mostly pain free.  I
recommended Dr. Feng Xiao to my son for his back problems.  He too has found tremendous relief.   Don't live in pain
- give Dr. Xiao a try.  I am confident you will be happy you did.

Susan, Pelham, NH


Tinnitus (Ear Ringing) and Poor Sleep

Oct 31, 2013

I have never had acupuncture before.  I came for an issue with persistent ear ringing that has lasted almost one year. I
did see conventional doctors and was told I would have to learn to live with it. Some days the ringing was so loud it
was painful and could be heard over most other noises. This made it difficult to concentrate at work or sleep at night.

The first thing that made me feel comfortable is that Feng Xiao did not promise he could fix this problem. He told me it
can be a very difficult problem to solve and sometimes it is not possible. He also did not tell me I would have to come
for treatment for a long time to  figure this out. He told me I would know if acupuncture was going to make a difference
in two to four visits.

The very first visit I noticed a difference. The volume of the ringing was significantly decreased. This lasted for about 3
days, then returned to its previous level. After three visits, the ringing diminished and has stayed consistently less. It is
a 3 on a  1-10 scale where before it was a 7 or 8. I am able to tolerate this. I can concentrate at work and as added
bonus, I am sleeping much better.  This has been a great experience and I highly recommend Feng Xiao.

Michelle, Salem NH

Infertility (1)

May 21, 2018

I am so grateful to have found Feng at Gentle Acupuncture. I am excited to say after 9 months of trying to conceive that I
got my first positive home pregnancy test and had it confirmed at the doctor's today! It is still very early, but my husband
and I are optimistic.

I had been seeing Feng for treatments for about 6 weeks and I have to say it has made a tremendous difference in my
stress level. After doing much research on the topic, I know that stress is a huge factor that causes difficulty while
trying to conceive. I researched acupuncture and it's proven benefits in helping to relieve stress and improve fertility.

I have to say that I looked at the website and read the testimonials month after month and kept putting off making the
initial appointment. But I am so glad I finally called! After each treatment I felt more and more relaxed. As time went on,
I had an overall feeling of calmness and greater self awareness.

If you are in the same place I was at and would do literally anything to improve your chances of getting pregnant and
have wondered about the acupuncture treatments and their benefits, stop wondering and make the initial
appointment! You will be glad you did. I plan on returning in the future, as well as, will be recommending him to
anyone I know in the same situation as me. Thank you again!!

HH, Salem NH


Infertility (2)

----Good News!
Hello Dr. Xiao,

It is Amy, just checking in to give you an update.  We had success with our second try at IUI, and I happily report that I
am seven weeks' pregnant.  Thank you for your assistance in helping me to pursue a natural option before turning to
infertility treatments.  I see that you now offer massage.  Please forward price information.  I may be interested to
reduce stress and improve circulation.

Thank you,

Amy, NH


Infertility (3)

Hello Feng -

I wanted to let you know that I just got back from the dr and found out that I am pregnant with twins! We cannot believe
it. I am only 6 wks along at this point so am still very cautious but wanted to at least let you know where things were.

Thank you very much for all your help. I will definitely be in touch again if I need your services.

Kind regards,

A lady from NH

"Various Ailments"

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have known Feng Xiao since November 11th 2000. He has successfully treated me for various ailments. He has
always been kind and considerate. He has shared with me his vast knowledge about western and eastern medicine,
and his diagnosis of my medical problems has always been correct. His acupuncture and acupressure technique
has always brought me relief and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone with medical problems. It is my
loss that he has moved on.

Thank you Feng for all your help.

Fiona Schwizgebel, B.C. Canada


Shoulder Pains / Allergy / Digestive / Stress/  Overall Health

June 13, 2010

I am very pleased to recommend Acupuncture and the skills of Feng Xiao in particular.  Prior to starting acupuncture
with him I had been in treatment with another acupuncturist, a good friend, for 18 years.  I stopped my treatments
when he moved.  During those 2 years when I was NOT having acupuncture, my general health suffered significantly.  
It was as if I never had had acupuncture treatments.  My wife insisted that I return to treatments.  I was on
antihistamines, inhalers, nasal sprays and my general aches and pains were getting worse it seemed.

Within 4-5 months after resuming my treatments with Mr. Xiao, there was a noticeable difference in my overall health.  
My use of medications decreased.  My general aches and discomfort lessened.  He not only treats my respiratory
problems but also has dealt with significant bowel and elimination difficulties with great success.  Many times he has
helped with repetitive motion strains and shoulder pains from physical overexertion; as well as work related stress

I look forward to continued help from him in years to come.  He is my most trusted complementary medicine provider.  
I wholeheartedly recommend his caring and successful services.

Denis Dupuis, North Andover, MA


Bell's Palsy (Facial Paralysis) and Hand Pain

Oct 14, 2013

I am 24 and was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. Of course, I was fresking out because half of my face wouldn't move!! My
mom recommended I do acupuncture so she told me to go see Dr. Feng Xiao. I made an appointment four days later
and let him know of my bells palsy and I also had pain in my right hand that started before the bells palsy. It affected
my normal daily activities because the pain was so bad.  Dr. Xiao took care of everything that I told him was hurting or
needed attention. My face was already a working progress by the first treatment. I felt very relaxed. I was also able to
slowly use my hand again after two weeks of pain and sensitivity to touch. I highly recommend him to anyone with any
pain and discomfort. He does an awesome job and I am very happy with how fast my face and pain in my right hand
has I proved after just a few treatments. Results are amazing!

V. S., Lowell, MA


Smoking, Stress and Craving

Sep 29, 2013

To whom it may concern,

I have an enormous workload, because of which I have been sleeping very little for the past few years. In an attempt to
maintain my performance under these conditions, I began smoking cigarettes (about half a pack a day) and drinking
more coffee.

For the past several months, I made repeated attempts at quitting smoking, none of which were successful. I tried
cutting down, I tried going cold turkey, I tried chewing nicotine gum—yet, I would resume smoking within days or
weeks of having decided to quit.

I made many excuses for myself: I felt I was losing my intellectual vigour; I felt that I was gaining weight, because of the
amount of food I was accustomed to consuming whenever I stopped smoking for a few days. I had resigned myself to
smoking for at least the next few years, uninterrupted, until I heard about an acupuncture method that had worked for
many people in smoking cessation.

This method consists in needles penetrating points in the ear, and a few in the body. Within hours of the first
treatment, I felt many of my withdrawal symptoms subside: my head felt clearer, my vision became finer (I usually feel
like clouds are drifting in front of my eyes and behind my brow when I need a cigarette). Aches in my throat and my
chest withdrew as well.

A few days after the treatment, I began doubting myself and smoked another cigarette. To my great surprise, the rush
of relief and familiarity did not come; the cigarette tasted horribly. I didn’t even finish smoking it.

I resumed the acupuncture treatments and have not smoked since that day, with little to none withdrawal symptoms in
the process. Moreover, my cravings to overeat have subsided as well. My chest has felt lighter; I have been able to
exercise in a way that I haven’t done since before I began smoking. For the first time, I feel confident about my ability to
persist in smoking cessation, which is extremely unfamiliar, as I have been accustomed to approaching quitting half-
heartedly and only in anticipation of the results of self-disgust. I am extremely grateful to my therapist for helping me
regain control in my life, and I recommend this treatment heartily to anyone in similar circumstances.

Constance from Andover,  MA


Pain in Hip and Arms

July 8, 2014

I am 80 years old and I started seeing Dr. Xiao. My daughter recommended I see him for pain in my hip and both
arms.  I broke my left arm two years ago an I have also had hip pain. Since my left arm broke, I tend to overuse my right
arm and it becomes extremely sore. There are days when my left arms feels okay, but still very sore at times. I started
seeing Dr. Xiao for my pain and I couldn't be happier. Acupuncture has helped my hips and arms out tremendously
and for my age, that's a big deal! I walk around like I'm not even 80! Thank you so much, Dr. Xiao

R.L. Lowell, MA


Knee Pain

November, 2013

I suffered pain in my left knee about two months. My leg stretched straight, and accompanied by swelling. It bothered
me a lot. Fang Xiao in Gentle Acupuncture successfully treated my knee pain. I felt much relief during first treatment.
After a few more visit, I was totally recovered. My knee no longer felt pain when I walked I was happy that Feng healed
my knee injury faster than I expected as well as significantly reduced the pain during each treatment. Thanks Feng!

Jean F. Andover, MA


Migraines (1)

Dear Dr. Xiao,

I am writing to thank you for helping me get rid of my migraines.  I had been getting 3 or 4 migraines a month since I
was a kid.  Since I started acupuncture, in April of this year, I have not had a migraine any where near as severe as I
used to.  Your treatment has really helped me and again I wanted to say thanks.

Matt, NH   


Migraines (2)

July 2014

I had very, very severe migraines for over twenty years. No matter what medication the doctor prescribed me, it never
worked. There were plenty of days I stayed in bed all day because the pain was so bad. It also brought on vomiting as
well. I found Dr. Xiao a few years ago and he's helped me so much!! I have not experienced a migraine like I've had
before and I am extremely grateful for that. I feel so much inner peace to finally find something that works for me
without all the medications that did me no good, but just harm to my body.  I strongly recommend acupuncture with Dr.
Xiao.  He is extremely kind and generous.

S.L. Salem, NH


Over Weight (1)

Dear Dr Feng,

I'm just writing to let you know how good things have been since receiving acupuncture treatments from you. Prior to
coming to see you, I was having such a hard time trying to lose weight. I knew that I needed to increase my exercise
and cut back on what I was eating but I just couldn't follow through with it. For the past 2 years I had been trying to diet
and cut back on my eating with no luck. I had such hunger craving that would only get worst at night. I would lose all
ambition of whatever good efforts I made during the day and give in to whatever craving I was having.

I'm very happy to write that with the very first acupuncture treatment, the hunger craving just disappeared. For the first
time in years I was able to eat healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not have to fight those terrible hunger
cravings that I use to experience. It has been such a positive experience for me that I just had to write to let you know.
I'm sixteen pounds thinner and still losing every week.

Thanks so much!

Donna from North Reading, MA


Over Weight (2)

I had been unable to lose the extra weight I've gained over the past several years, nothing I tried seemed to work.  To
make matters worse, my knees ached constantly which made it difficult to work out.  I started seeing Feng Xiao at
Gentle Acupuncture in June of this year.  I started with two sessions per week and gradually cut back to one per week
as I started to feel better.  My knees no longer ached and I was able to work out for longer periods of time.  He also
concentrated on increasing my metabolism and decreasing my appetite, and I have lost a total of twenty pounds to
date.  I can't say enough about how wonderful and effective these treatments are.  I still have weight to lose but I am
now know that I will be able to achieve this with the help of acupuncture.  An added benefit is that the treatments have
a calming effect and are immensely relaxing.  I feel as though I have been at a spa when I'm done.  Do yourself a favor
and give Gentle Acupuncture a try.  You won't be disappointed!

Cheryl from Haverhill, MA


Emotional Disorders

Dear Feng Xiao,

I came to see you as I have a  tendency to experience emotional upsets due to family relationships which involve
overpowering and aggressive personalities.  I decided to try acupuncture with the hope of bringing my mental state
back to equilibrium.  After a few sessions with you I experienced a sense of well being and am able to handle these
situations with a calmer state of mind.  I am grateful to you and to your system of acupuncture for the restfulness it
brings to the mental state.  


a 62 yr old woman,  Windham, NH.


Shingles / Numbness in Arm and Hand

I have had the shingles for over 20 years and had been to many doctors and tried all kinds of treatments and
medicines. Nothing helps me until I started acupuncture with Dr Feng Xiao.

Dr Feng has practically cured the causes affecting my body. My numbness in arm and hand have sufficiently
decreased and the itching have improved over 90% and doing better every week. The itching is almost gone.

Gentle Acupuncture is the best cure available and please phone me at 603-625-8605 if you have any questions.

Dianne Goley, N.H.


Knee Pain / Cartilage Problem

Dear Doctor Xiao,         

I am writing this letter to you to let you know how much your acupuncture treatments have helped me.

Before coming to you, I had suffered a great deal of pain in my knee because the cartilage had worn away. After only a
few acupuncture treatments from you, I felt a significant reduction in pain and discomfort.

Thank you so much for your concern for my health and for your expertise in applying your skills.

Richard Loranger, NH



Hello, my name is Ed Friend. I am a 68 year old male. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 23 years ago. 7
years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I have been to 4 diffrent pain clinics, had 2 back surgeries. I had a
fusion of discs C3,4 and 5 also a fusion of discs L4&5. I have tried all kinds of medication including narcotics. I was
on Celebrex twice a day for two years. While on Celebrex I suffered a major Heart Attack. Finally I was placed on
Methadone for chronic pain control. Recently it was suggested that I try acupuncture. I found an acupuncturist named
Feng Xiao. He is located at 51 Main St, Salem, NH. After 2 months of the acupuncture I have gone from a pain level of 8
down to 2. I sleep better, feel better and take less medication. I strongly recommend anyone to try it. You can contact
Feng. His website is Best of luck. Ed

Edward Friend


Lower Back Pain

I started treatment with Dr. Xiao for chronic lower back pain. I had been treating the condition for several months with
massage and chiropractic. After only one acupuncture treatment, my pain was significantly reduced. With continued
treatment, the pain has not returned. The treatments are very relaxing and I would highly recommend acupuncture for
anyone suffering from a chronic pain condition.  

Mary Stevens, Derry, NH


Problem with Bladder Control / Energy & Sexual Strength

When I first come to see Dr. Xiao for treatment I was not sleeping properly and I suffered from a serious lack of
bladder control. I spent many a night getting up and going to the bathroom sometimes 4-5 times a night. I also tossed
and turned constantly in my sleep, according to my wife.

Now after ten plus treatments from Dr. Xiao I only get up once during the night to go to the bathroom. I do not get the
constant urges to urinate that I once did. Now I am able to go much longer between bathroom visits. My treatments
have also increased my energy levels significantly. My wife says I no longer toss and turn during the night, nor do I
steal her blanket and sheet. She also says I no longer smell like an old man. My sex life has improved also. I whole
heartedly endorse Dr. Xiao's treatments. They have helped me tremendously.


Glenn Lyon, NH


"Shooting pains everywhere" and Anxiety

Dear friend,    

I want to share with you an amazing story about a woman in sheer desperation. That woman is me. First,let me start
by explaining my story,about a year and a half ago,I started to get shooting pains everywhere,my head,legs,behind my
eyes,toes,fingers,hands,legs,it was off and on everyday shooting in different places in my body it got to the point where
it was hard for me to concentrate on my life and work. I seen my doctor he put me through a series of test and blood
work he thought I had neuropathy and gave me medication. I did not seem any better, I went to see a neurologist and
he put me through another series of test including a brain scan,he was looking for MS,a brain tumor or anything that
could be causing me this unusual pain,he recommended I stop the medication my doctor had prescribed to me,he
said I did not in fact have neuropathy, this test could only be done by a neurologist,on my last visit with my neurologist
he said he could not find nothing wrong with me and the only advice he could give me was to see a arthritis doctor. I
knew my pains were not from my bones I did not have pains that people describe in that way. My fear had taken over
and I develop a bad case of anxiety and depression over time I couldn't function my doctor prescribe me anxiety
medication. I felt like a zombie with shooting pains,no better always crying,wondering what was wrong with me. After 2
weeks I stopped the medication, I was somebody different the once strong woman I was,no longer. Then my cousin
recommended an acupuncturist,she had good results in the past when she had seen one,well I took her advice my
life is once again my own my fear is gone my anxiety is no longer there and I feel better than ever. I started on April
1,2006 to see Feng Xiao I was desperate and it showed. I was not sure this was going to work I was a bit skeptical at
first,however I was looking for relief and was willing to try anything the first weeks of my treatments I started to feel
some relief my anxiety was disappearing and my pains slowly stopping I first had to go for my treatments every week
then every 2 weeks then once a month,by July I stopped for 2 months with no pain and no depression or anxiety Feng
Xiao recommended I come back in September for another treatment, I came back just in time because I started having
little shooting pains again but nothing like before and as soon as I had the treatment I had some relief again, Feng
Xiao told me he thought it may be my central nervous system from my brain,and it may take awhile before it goes back
to itself again,whatever it may be I never felt better and I go every 6 weeks for now and less and less as time goes on,it
was worth my time and money because nothing could replace the inner peace and relief I   

P.S. One more benefit I got was a better nights sleep!        

Thank you, Feng Xiao  

A very satisfied patient !!!!! D.M., NH



I am a Real Estate Broker in New Hampshire, I started seeing Feng Xiao a year ago for stress related issues as well
as some health problems. Feng approaches each patient as an individual and treats them accordingly. My experience
over the last year is very positive in reduction of stress and health issues. I highly recommend Dr Feng for any number
of health problems. I have always looked forward to my visits.

Bill Desselle, NH


Constant Periods/Menstruation / Bleeding

I was experiencing menstrual problems resulting in heavy, irregular and eventually constant bleeding. I am 41 years
old. This was going on for 4 or 5 months and after blood work, ultra-sounds, and an endometrial biopsy. I was told it
was a symptom of hormonal imbalance common for someone my age.

My options were to take hormones, have a hysterectomy, or live with it. None of these appealed to me so I decided to
seek out acupuncture. After one or two treatments I began to notice a shift and within a couple of months my periods
returned to normal with reduced volume and a definitive beginning and end. It was very clear to me that the
acupuncture served to restore balance to my system. I would highly recommend this form of treatment to anyone
struggling with menstrual problems, including perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms. Completely non-invasive
and effective!

Maureen, Merrimack, MA


Pain in Lower Back, Hips and Legs

I started my acupuncture treatments for daily severe pains in my lower back, hips, and legs. I decided to try
acupuncture because four surgeries, 2 neuro and 2 orthopedic could not correct my conditions. Basically, I was
looking at taking pain medication for the rest of my life. Being only 80 years old, I felt I was too young to be taking pain
pills for the rest of my life.

After the second acupuncture treatment my pain has diminished to a very low level. On a scale at 1-10, the past 3 days
I rate the pain level between low 1 and not more than 2.

I am sure that after a few more treatments I will be able to say a firm "goodbye to pain pills" and start living an active
and productive life of a young 80 years old golden age.

Bergeron J. Norris, NH


Pain in Shoulder

Feng Xiao worked on my shoulder, which had been giving me problems for several years. After 6 treatment, my
shoulder felt better. I had tried chiropractic  prior to the acupuncture treatments, without much success. I did know of
acupuncture before Feng Xiao worked on me. There is a definitely a very good treatment option. I highly recommend
giving this a try. Thank you Feng for all your help.

David de Oliveira, NH


Pain in Neck, Hands, Knee / Arthritis

Thank you! Thank you! The pain in my neck took only one session while the ones in my hands and knees took a few
more. Arthritis pain is awful. Your Acupuncture was the end to my pain.

Rose Houseman, NH



Dear Dr. Xiao,

I am writing this letter to express how much I appreciate your help curing my insomnia.

I had developed severe insomnia since our first baby was born about one and half years ago. Since I had to get up
several times during mid night, my regular sleeping rhythm was totally disrupted. Even though later on, I didn't need to
get up during the night, I still could not get my regular sleeping cycles back. And the condition deteriorated as time
went by. Some nights, I laid on my bed watching the sun rising from the east.

I tried some over-the-counter sleeping pills. They just worked for the first few days, and then
became useless. Then I went to see my doctor, and he gave me Amitriptyline. Amitriptyline works very well for me. But I
soon found I have to increase dosage and I became dependent on it. Further more, I found the sleeping quality is not
so well. Even though I felt I had a good sleep at night, I still felt sleepy during day time.

Fortunately, I found you and started acupuncture treatment. I have heard of the magic needle before, but never gave it a
serious thought and I was also afraid of the pain. Due to this reason, I tried just two needles during the first treatment.
To my surprise, I didn't feel any pain at all. After just three treatments, my sleep improved a lot. I totally got rid of the
Amitriptyline and I can still get a whole night of sound sleep. And I don't feel sleepy any more during day time. After a
few more treatments, my sleep cycle stabled. I have never felt so healthy. Thank you so much for all the help.

Jun Liu, Lowell, MA


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